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Chemical Analysis

Corrosion studies are performed to determine the failure mechanisms via energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), ion chromatography and EDS mapping.


Fractography characterizes the fracture morphology and identifies crack initiation location(s) via scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Failure Analysis

Failures do happen. Sometimes the cause is apparent. Other times it’s not as clear. DNFM will assess all possible causes, and give you recommendations on how to eliminate failures from reoccurring.

Condition Assessment

Condition assessment is a comprehensive approach used to determine the condition of components. Condition assessment utilizes field inspection reports, unit history, nondestructive and destructive tests along with metallurgical analysis to determine condition of a component.

Life Assessment

Through an extensive series of assessment services, DNFM is able to evaluate the remaining useful life (RUL) life of high-energy piping/tubing.

Mechanical Testing

DNFM provides mechanical testing solutions for product evaluation or qualification.

Replications/Stress-Rupture Testing

Removing a sample for destructive examination is often not feasible. Replication metallography is a non-destructive technique used in condition assessment of high energy piping/headers.

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Inspection and Education


David N. French Metallurgists
We take a closer look

Since 1984, David N. French Metallurgists has served as a consulting firm providing metallurgical analysis, expert testimony and educational seminars, specializing in the power industry.

The founder of DNFM, Dr. David N. French, is a pioneer in the industry. He served on several industry-related committees (ASME, EPRI, etc.), and wrote 2 editions of the comprehensive book "Metallurgical Failures in Fossil Fired Boilers" published by John Wiley & Sons Inc.

We have expanded our capability to not only analyze boiler tubing/piping, but also a wide variety of samples, including structural steel, pumps, impellers, bearings, fan blades, hardware, heat exchanger equipment, and much more. For sampling instructions click here.

  • Very Professional!!!

The staff that I worked with on the project was very professional and appeared very knowledgeable.  They were very quick to respond to the work request, very courteous when requesting additional information, and provided updates on the status of the analysis and report.  The evaluation and report were completed very timely and thoroughly.  The report was also very easily to follow and understand.

Brad H. Actual Customer

  • Excellent...

Excellent. Very pleased with report and its timeliness.

Karl M. Actual Customer

  • Quality of Work!!!

OGE uses UDC now for boiler inspections and Jason Shankle really promotes the quality of work you do...He is absolutely correct...am very confident with your findings when I receive your report...excellent performance.

Glen H. Actual Customer

  • Very Responsive!

Very responsive, efficient and thorough.  Would definitely use again.

Phil D. Actual Customer

  • Job Well Done...

All, Many thanks for a job well done! The report is excellent and answers all questions I might have had. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Karl M. Actual Customer

  • Great Combination...

The combination of the field guys and the lab guys all being from the same company is a real plus.

John K. Actual Customer

  • Accurate & Insightful

We rely on DNF heavily to provide expedient, accurate, and insightful boiler tube analysis that we utilize to make important maintenance decisions for our boilers.  DNF is our go-to.

Anthony D. Actual Customer

  • Very Professional!!!

DNF is a very professional firm and our first choice in metallurgy labs.

Robert L. Actual Customer

  • Great work...

Thanks for the good work!

Ryan W. Actual Customer

  • Quick Turn Around...

I had other reports from you guys this year pertaining to failure analysis in our Coker unit.  As usual your reports are awesome and I appreciate your quick turn over on all the projects I send.

Terry M. Actual Customer

  • Focus!!!

Fired crude heater tubes are somewhat outside your normal area of focus as I understand. Thank you for working with us to obtain the results.

Tim M. Actual Customer

  • Very Helpful!!!

Everyone was very helpful and diligent especially with looking at different mechanisms for the failures.

Mary R. Actual Customer

  • Good Job!

Good job they found what we were looking for in the sample.

John K. Actual Customer

  • Excellent Services!

Excellent services. I will highly recommend the use of your company to all of our businesses.

Mel S. Actual Customer

  • Professional & Useful

I have used DNFM a number of times and also attended the tube course put on by you and UDC. I found all of the above to be very professional and useful. We have also had others attend the tube inspection course on my recommendation.  Thanks.

Tom S. Actual Customer

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