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Copper Deposition

Internal Appearance:
Copper coating on the inside surface of the tubing. Copper deposits tightly adhere to the inside surface.

Inspection of the condenser should be performed to identify leaking tubes and prevent the introduction of contaminants into the condensate.  The feed water heaters should also be inspected for corrosion problems. 

Molten copper can penetrate the grain boundaries of steel causing failure. Weld repairs of either the butt weld or pad weld type can readily melt any copper present on the ID surface.  This can result in failure. Copper can be locally removed when preparing the ends of tubes for butt-welding. When considering making weld build-up pad welds, samples should be checked for the presence of copper. Any copper found should be removed via chemical cleaning before welding.

Common Locations:
High-heat flux areas
Water wall circuits